Massage Treatments

With a focus on your specific needs to achieve total body wellness, our luxurious body therapies combine ancient wisdom arts with modern day experiences, and are designed to provide transformation, rejuvenation and stillness of mind.


Swedish massage therapy is one of the most common types of massage modalities and is offered here at Beloved Hair and Spa. The primary goal of this type of massage is to relax the entire body by soft, long, kneading strokes that lengthen and relax the muscles. Swedish massage is highly beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, and improving circulation while easing tension. This modality can be used by itself or in combination with other techniques.


Reflexology is an alternate form of massage therapy that involves applying pressure to the feet and hands to produce a relaxing effect throughout other parts of the body. At Beloved Hair and Spa, we offer reflexology to help relieve stress and even illness by removing blockages in the body’s energy. Our experienced staff will administer this form of healing using specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques to precisely apply pressure and produce the relaxing sensation that reflexology is known for.


Beloved Hair and Spa brings you the relaxation and pain management of hot stone massage. I use this therapeutic massage in combination with aromatherapy to relax your mind and body. Hot stone massage provides healing warmth and increased blood flow to stressed muscle groups to aid in healing and recovery. Visit me at Beloved Hair and Spa today and let me show you the professional facilities and training I use to help you manage pain and stress in your body.